Churt Garden Bird Watch' on April 13th

You may have noticed that in the April edition of the magazine (the last one you will get in hard copy for some time) I suggested that we could hold a

  I hope you, with or without children, will participate.  It won't be highly regulated like the RSPB bird watch in January - just a bit of fun, something to relieve the long lonely days!  Just spend one hour on 13 April, whatever time suits you, and note down every bird which comes into the garden.  Tempt them with food if you like.  Note down what you see, write about it, identify the birds, draw them or photograph them and then send your offerings and your children's offerings to me.  I will publish them in the May issue of the magazine which will be available online. Looking forward to receiving some content for the May magazine. I don't want to publish a little book consisting only of adverts! Apart from the birds, please send me anything else you can share with everyone else.  For the June magazine I'm organising a 'butterfly watch'.  Any other suggestions gratefully received. Your editor, Gillian Devine

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